Objectives & Vision

Vision Statement: By ensuring that all South Africans irrespective of their Race, Language and Creed, are able to live in a Society free from any form of Social, Economic, Cultural and Religious discrimination.


-To organize and mobilize people with a common interest.

-To Strive for equal opportunities for Housing, Basic Services, Education, Employment, Health Services, Social Welfare Services, Land and Poverty Alleviation Programs / Projects.

-To enhance the fight for a Society free from Crime, Corruption, Violence against Women and Men and Dreaded Diseases, such as HIV/Aids.

-To respect the Rule of Law of our Land.

-To fight against all forms of discrimination.

Code Of Conduct:

-All Members must abide by the Code of Conduct as detailed in the Democratic Liberal -Congress Code of Conduct on Page 8, Clause 19.

-The National Executive Committee may form a subcommittee from within NEC Members to deal with disciplinary processes and enquiries into any Members Misconduct, breach and violations of the Democratic Liberal Congress Code of Conduct.

-All disciplinary enquiries must be executed within the principles and due processes of the law and natural justice.

Misconduct: The following conduct by any Member shall constitute misconduct:

-Conviction of an offence that leads to a term of imprisonment without an option of a fine.

-Behavior which brings the organisation into disrepute.

-Engaging in any form of discrimination.

-Engaging in any sort of human abuse.

-Abuse of public office or position in the Party, directly or indirectly, eg: bribery, nepotism and corruption.

-Neglect or willful destruction of Party assets.

-Inciting divisions within the rank of the Party.

-Undermining the authority and respect of the Party, its Leaders and structures.

-Promoting factions and groups within the organisation.

-Standing as a Candidate for another political Party.

-Disrupting meetings and behaving in an uncooperative manner.

-Impeding the activities and goals of the Party.

-Violent and/or aggressive behavior by Members towards other Members and other person’s.

-Not attending Parliamentary, Council and government workshops and conferences.

-Not attending Party meetings, Workshops, Conferences, Community events and Party events.

-Deliberately not promoting the Party within the community and the respective print, Social and electronic media.

Dress Code: The dress code of Members must be professional and respectable thus promoting and maintaining the dignity of the Party.

Gifts and Personal Interests: All gifts received above the prescribed limit, which is determined by the National Executive Committee, must be declared to the Party Whip and recorded in the Members register.

Other Employment: All Political office bearers must declare any form of business, employment and/or occupation. It is the prerogative of the National Executive Committee to allow or disallow any Member within discretion that it does not impede on their full time position as an MP, MPL and Councillor.

Code Enforcement:

-This code of conduct embraces all regulations found within the Democratic Liberal Congress Constitution and is applicable to all ordinary and elected members.

-Violation and/or any breach of the above could result in disciplinary measures being taken against the member within due processes of the Democratic Liberal Congress Constitution.