Personal Life:

My dad was from the Mungalam family in Stanger and my Mum was from the Soobramoney family in Verulam.
Born in Verulam and being one of five children was not easy. My parents had to
rent in the various suburbs of Verulam, Overport and Chatsworth. At the tender
age of 14 years old, my family was forcefully evicted from our rented dwelling.
Through perseverance, we managed to overcome all challenges until we
received a Municipal renting house in Sunford, Phoenix. I completed my
schooling career at Westham Secondary School in 1984. Married to Khatija and have a son. Coming from a
grassroots back ground with the many adversities and the fight for survival I
experienced, motivated me to pursue and champion the rights of our
communities and enter the Political domain.

Leadership Position Held:

1984 – 1989 : Community Activist.
1989 – 1994 : Senior Shop Steward.
1995 : Joined the MF.
1996 – 2000 : General Secretary – South African Freight and Dockworkers
1996 – 2001 : Leader of the MF Youth League.
2001 – 2008 : Councillor of the Ethekwini Metro.
2001 – 2008 : Chief Whip of the MF.
2008 – 2014 : Member of the Executive Committee – Ethekwini Metro.
2014 – 2016 : Councillor of Ethekwini Metro.
2016 : Leader of the Democratic Liberal Congress – DLC.

I represented the Ethekwini Municipality as an Executive Member of
South African Local government Association (SALGA KZN). I also
served as the MF Chief Whip from 2000 – 2008.
In 2008, I was elected to the Executive Committee of Ethekwini
In 2011, I was re-elected to the Executive Committee of Ethekwini
I served various senior positions during my term with the Party. I was their
spokesperson and served on the NEC.

2014: Graduated at the Pretoria University with excellent symbols on a Local
Government Executive Leadership Course that dealt primarily with Performance
Management Systems, budgets, good governance and service delivery.
Participation in the various Elections since democracy:

1996 – LGE
1999 – National and Provincial
2000 – LGE
2004 – National and Provincial
2006 – LGE
2009 – National and Provincial
2011 – LGE
2014 – National and Provincial
2016 – Current LGE

As an Elected Ward Councillor for the past 15 years, I served in various Portfolio
Committees, such as the Housing and HR Committee, Speakers and Party
Whips Committee and the Finance and Procurement Committee, Community and
Emergency Services.
I have served on many organisations in the Phoenix area, such as the Phoenix
Health Forum and the Community Police Forum, Developing Lives Foundation,
Caneside Clinic Committee amongst others.

My Hobbies:

I enjoy dancing and listening to music. Reading all the daily newspapers. I also
enjoy comedy and thriller movies.

Sport: I enjoy Action Cricket, Nine Ball Pool and table tennis

My Mentor:

I was tutored, groomed and nurtured politically by the late Leader of the MF, Mr
A. Rajbansi. He have taught me the techniques of fighting and surviving in any
environment. I was a trusted member and his right hand man in politics.

My Philosophy:

Being passionate, committed and grass roots coupled with firm principles are the
recipe for success of any individual, hence My motto in life is “to serve with your
heart and not your mouth” and “Try and fail but don’t fail to try.”