Photo: DLC Leader Patrick Pillay and DLC activists are seen with Guru Suri Govender at the S.S Jothi Linga Mandebam Temple in Wrexcroft Road in Longcroft. 

DLC condemns burglary at places of worship.

Democratic Liberal Congress (DLC) Leader Patrick Pillay this week condemned the burglaries at the various Places of worship and said that these criminals must face the full might of the law.

Religious places have become soft targets for thieves more especially during the winter months and the lockdown period. The recent burglary at the SS Jothi Linga Mandebam have left its members reeling in shock when it was discovered that thousands of rands worth of groceries, a brand new brush cutting machinery, brassware and other assets were stolen. 

The DLC empathized with the temple organisation Head Guru Suri Govender for their great loss. No organization or person should have to go through the trauma of having their property burgled. Religious organizations rely solely on donations and to have their stuff stolen is a great loss to the institution and its members, said Councillor Patrick Pillay. 

He further said that, recently the spike in burglaries, especially at places of worship have increased tremendously.  Criminal elements have become brazen and have targeted these vulnerable organizations. Organizations are urged to remain vigilant and tighten up their security to prevent criminals from breaking in. 

The SS Jothi Linga Mandebam Head Guru Suri Govender said that this incident have had a major setback for the organisation and its members. The lockdown period have provided criminals with an ideal opportunity to pounce on our temple and rob our community of its much needed religious and community services. 

We are saddened with our loss of valuable assets.  Our temple have come a long way since the laying of its foundation. Our devotees have worked very hard and made great sacrifices to develop this religious organisation during trying times, said Guru Suri Govender. 

She further expressed her gratitude to the DLC for always coming to the beckon call of the organisation. 

Councillor Patrick Pillay said that this matter have being reported to the SAPS. Anyone having any information must report it to the SAPS. We want these criminals to be caught and face the full might of the law.