Election Manifesto Launch Address By Patrick Pillay

Ladies and Gentleman, I am proudly South African, a Patriot and the Son of the African Soil. South Africa is my Country, my Home and it is my duty as a South African is to protect, develop and serve all South Africans irrespective of their race, religion and creed. These principles are enshrined within the Constitution of the Democratic Liberal Congress, (DLC). My African Dream is to see all South Africans lives in harmony in the interest of developing our super nation as South Africans.

DLC Ambassadors, THE TIME IS NOW for us to STAND UP and Make Our Voices Count so that we may build a stronger foundation within the social, economic and political sectors for the future of our children. We must unite in the fight against the scourge of corruption, inequalities, discrimination, affirmative action, crime, drugs, fake news and false promises of political parties in South Africa. The future of our Country is in your Hands. Give the DLC your VOTE and mandate to represent you and be your VOICE in government.

25 years into democracy and our people are still living in absolute poverty, they are unemployed and many do not have a shelter over their heads. Thousands of people go to bed without a meal. The Legislations passed in parliament have a direct impact on the lives of every South African, the Senior Citizens, Widows, Business people, academics and the youths.

This year’s Election is absolutely important for our future and the future of our children. The decisions we make will have a ripple effect on the future. Remember, many elections have come and gone and the political parties that was voted in have failed you miserably in terms of service delivery. The State capture Commission of enquiries are revelations of the type of exploitation and abuse our fateful tax payers had to endure over the past many years. This is unacceptable and must be stopped.
Ladies and Gentleman, many elected representatives have taken your VOICE for granted for the past 25 years. The African dream we sought after 1994, have self-destructed because of GREED AND CORRUPTION.
Corruption is destroying the social, economic and political fabric of our society.


The Democratic Liberal Congress (DLC) manifesto is based on the fundamental core principles’ of liberalism of a fair and open society, whilst acknowledging that South Africa is a diverse nation with great emphasis to be made in redressing the evils of the apartheid systems. The DLC recognizes that the family is a fundamental institution for the raising and nurturing of children and for making each individual an integral part of society. The values, choices and actions of families have a profound influence on the welfare of the nation hence the interests of families should be at the center of Governments policy and legislation.


The DLC will not support Land expropriation without compensation. Land expropriation without compensation will have a negative impact on an already failing South African economy. The willing buyer, willing seller principle must prevail. Expropriation without compensation would undermine private property rights, and denying citizens the right to private property. This would have a devastating impact on our current housing crisis. Title deeds are integral to Property ownership. We cannot have a situation whereby citizens “hard” earned assets are simply taken away from them.

Property assets are primarily a family investment that is passed on to their future generations. The State must not disrupt Family’s assets for their own opportunistic ideology’s that undermines the prosperity of families. The public participation processes and comments on Land Expropriation without compensation must be seriously considered. This new bill of Land Invasion without compensation have created lawlessness of land invasions. The perpetrators of land invasion are criminals and must be arrested. The SAPS must actively move in and STOP land invasion that is happening throughout our country.


The DLC subscribes to a Housing for all people within an equitable housing allocation policy system. The DLC will be fighting to ensure that there is a housing waiting list system that will stop corrupt officials from extorting money from poor people desperately seeking housing opportunities and queue jumping. People whom are renting must also be afforded equal opportunities for government housing. The DLC denounces the current housing allocation policy that creates false hopes and literally demonizes citizens because of their race and ludicrous quotas. Housing delivery needs to be prioritized and fast tracked and bureaucratic red tapes such as government subsidy, EIA’s and procurement processes needs to be reassessed so that the housing backlog can be achieved quick and fast.


Service delivery protests have become the order of the day in South Africa. Unrealistic election promises by political parties have created great expectations within communities. Community Representatives are failing our communities due to their lack of public service knowledge and incompetence. There is a major vacuum in terms of professional staff replacements. Thousands of vital positions are still vacant hence hindering service delivery. With the aging infrastructure and staff shortages at the various public institutions the current overstretched staff have become further burdened with more work hence weakening their morals and performances even further. Monitoring and evaluation of contractors are key in ensuring that contractors do exactly what they are expected to do. This effectively will eliminate shoddy workmanship and remedial exercises.


Fraud and corruption have destroyed our once vibrant economy. The South African economy has been downgraded because of some greedy officials and politicians. The government needs to create employment that would steer the country out of its current economic slump and restore investor confidence. SMME’s are the key drivers for economic development. Government needs to cut the “red tape” and craft legislation that will make it simple, within the scope of the various administrative controls, for SMME’s to source financial aid and guidance. National Government needs to pass legislations that will direct Municipalities to review its bylaws in terms of SMME’s which will allow for economic growth. Promoting entrepreneurship within SMME’s are key to alleviating unemployment.

With the unemployment rate consistently rising, more people are resorting to starting their own businesses. Street and informal trading, spaza shops and other small businesses have become the way of life for the survival of the indigent. Providing the necessary skills and tools for entrepreneurship is an effective mechanism to develop any economy. People must be encouraged to pursue home based “Nano-enterprises’ industries. The DLC sees Cooperatives as an avenue to expand on entrepreneurship, skills development and community empowerment. Support in the form of financial/ grant in aid and technical assistance and training must be given to cooperatives. Cooperatives must be screened and its members verified, before any contracts are assigned to them. This will avoid any person within the cooperative to be the sole beneficiary of its income.


Globalisation have created a great challenge to emerging economies like South Africa. According to Statistics South Africa, the average rate of unemployment is 27.5 percent and remains a cause for great concern. Thousands of jobs are lost through importation of cheap goods from foreign countries. South Africa needs to invest in our human capital by reviving its manufacturing concerns in the Food, Textiles and Furniture industries, by providing tax incentives to businesses investing in these sectors.

A program of action to provide job opportunities within the clothing industry is vital. Government must shifts its focus and provide platforms for the exportation of finished goods rather than the exportation of raw materials. Thousands of jobs will be created through effective manufacturing concerns initiatives that will grow the local economy. The DLC supports public private partnerships (PPP’s) and will be calling on Government to engage with the private sector in terms of PPP’s to achieve its employment targets. The DLC welcomes and promotes home based “Nano-enterprises,” which are income generating small businesses that sustains a family’s livelihood. Government must direct Municipalities to relax harsh and bureaucratic by-laws, when granting business licenses and rezoning approval to allow for the survival of home based businesses.


Affirmative Action have become the creator of the loss of scarce skills. South Africa are losing skilled people to foreign countries due to the lack of job opportunities. Affirmative action is not achieving its desired results; hence it is paramount that Affirmative action be scrapped and people be employed on merit.

Twenty five years into democracy, the unemployment rate in South Africa rose to 27.5 percent an all-time high. This scenario is a ticking time bomb. Affirmative action is destroying our society and are leading to the further marginalization of people because of their skin colour. Professionals and job seekers have become disillusioned and have lost confidence in a system that was supposed to have brought great opportunities to all Blacks: IE: African, Indian, Coloureds and Women. New Legislation is urgently required to restore confidence in our society, the corporate Industries and institutions.


The DLC is opposed to any type of quotas that is used as a tool to indirectly discriminate and marginalize people of the various race groups. We are one. We are South Africans. The quota system effectively undermines the individual, their families, the community and the country. We need to push ahead with dynamic South Africans and not have token appointments and jobs for pals. Government must accept blame for service delivery protests because of the quota system which have really undermined the morality of our people and have stagnated service delivery and increased unemployment.


State owned Entities (SOE’s) needs to be self-sustainable, efficient and effective in its implementation of its business plans. We cannot have SOE’s consistently pleading poverty due to fraud and corruption whilst seeking billions of rands in government bailouts. Eskom being the largest SOE in South Africa have reported over R19 billion in irregular expenditure and continues to depend on government bailouts to stay afloat. Irregular expenditure is ripping off our taxpayers.

The salary for “Fat Cat” CEO’s and their Executives are eroding funds that could be better utilized towards enhancing service delivery. The financial expenditure structures needs to be trimmed. The decline in the SOE’s profitability is primarily due to the inefficient operational, compliance and good governance practices. The state needs to engage in public private partnerships in order to alleviate the financial and institutional risks as exposed in the Auditors General Report.


Business investor confidence decreased to its lowest this year after the ruling party announced land expropriation without compensation.
To restore investor confidence the government needs to provide an environment that’s conducive for business investments in Provinces and Cities. Incentivizing business opportunities in Urban, Peri Urban and rural areas are mechanisms that will attract investors in droves.


The DLC supports Public Private Partnerships which is essential in fast tracking service delivery and reducing public expenditure. The benefits of PPP’S results in low risks, high cost savings, early completion of projects and less delays hence saving the government billions of rands. Public and private partnerships (PPP’s) are avenues that will ease the burden on taxpayers and provide greater opportunities for the State to focus on bread and butter issues hence accelerating basic service delivery to the masses within its budgetary constraints.


The DLC is committed to stamping and rooting out tenderpreneurs and corruption. Corruption can only be overcome when there are stringent monitoring and evaluation processes in place. The supply chain management must be a key focus area to root out corruption. The open tender process must not be superficial, hence officials sitting in the respective adjudication panel need to ensure that contractors are appointed on merit and not on bribes. Government needs to enhance its in house capabilities instead of the continued private sector reliance in terms of service delivery. Outsourcing of work must be limited with minimum risks of corruption. In house government operations will provide secured employment and drastically reduce outsourcing expenditure. Departments in order to maintain a lean budget and fiscal planning in terms of service delivery during this turbulent economic period.


Austerity measures begins at the Top. It begins with our President whom needs to be an exceptional role model to the citizens of South Africa. The DLC supports the reduction in size of the bloated Cabinet, the cutting down of wasteful expenditure on splashy lunches and unnecessary International travels by Ministers. National Treasury needs to tighten its belt and implement firm austerity measures in all spheres of government. These savings can be used to enhance service delivery.


Police corruption must be dealt with immediately and without any procrastination. Corrupt Cops must be expelled and replaced with “Clean, Committed Police Officers”. Additional police officers, reliable police vehicles, satellite police stations and effective visible policing are tools required to fight crime. Community Policing Forums must be empowered with the necessary tools and resources for effective sector policing. Metro police have a critical role in fighting crime hence they need to work in collaboration with the SAPS and
the various stakeholders. Communities need to utilize effective social media platforms such as WhatsApp to mobilize people through neighborhood watches.


Statistics have proven that gender based violence is a growing epidemic in South Africa. Women are more affected than men. Violence against women is a gross violation of their human rights and the DLC is of the view that not enough is being done to protect our women and children hence the perpetrators often go unpunished. Abusers of crime against women and children must face the full might of the law and rot in jail. Civil society have no place for these criminals whom exploit and abuse innocent and defenseless people. The Justice department and the Security Agencies in collaboration with all stakeholders must act with speed to bring these perpetrators to justice. The DLC is committed in ensuring that women and children are protected at all cost against these heinous crimes.


The wheels of change are turning very slowly at the department of Justice. According to the Corruption Perceptions Index, South Africa ranks 73rd out 180 countries for corruption and ninth in in sub Saharan African continent. Corruption is like cancer spreading throughout South Africa and destroying our economy. All stakeholders need to join hands to curb the scourge of corruption. Criminal cases should be attended to with efficiency and urgency. The department of Justice must be free from any political influences and interference’s. The major backlog of criminal cases and awaiting trial prisoners are causing major blockages at the correctional services. The DLC calls upon Government to increase its budget and implement the night court system that will ease the backlog and reduce the turnaround time of pending cases and the overcrowding at the correctional services.


Our Health Care system is in crisis. Not enough is being done to ease the health care crisis. Aging infrastructure, shortage of medication, doctors and professional nurses, long waiting periods at clinics and hospitals, have eroded the principles and protocols of the Patient Rights Charter. Additional clinics and hospitals need to be built. Currently there are hundreds of professional nurses that are unemployed.

South African’s qualifying as doctors from abroad must be immediately placed as interns in State hospitals. The red tape governing these South African graduates must be removed. These graduates need to be treated as equals and not as second class citizens in their country of birth. The Government needs to employ these professional nurses and doctors which will ease the burden and congestion at healthcare facilities hence reducing the waiting period. Healthcare facilities should operate on a 24 hour basis. No patient should be turned away. The Health Care budget must be effectively utilized to provide health care services that will benefit the masses of the people who depend on the public health care facilities.


The South African Schools Act (SASA), 1996 (Act 84 of 1996) is aimed at ensuring that all learners have access to quality education without discrimination, and makes schooling compulsory for children aged seven to 15. Whilst 20 per cent of the South African budget is spent on education, the quality of education in public schools have dropped drastically over the years which is a major cause of concern for many parents. One of the fundamental requirements to improve our basic education performances is to fill in all critical vacancies and employ more teachers that will achieve the teacher pupil ratio of 35:1. Smaller classes results in discipline and order and provides for better academic results.


The DLC does not support the schools evaluation process for government subsidies in respect of the Quintile rankings. Quintile rankings must be scrapped and there should be no fee schools. The current burden placed on educators and parents in Section 21 schools are shifting the focus of education from an academic perspective to a commercial enterprise. Schools are encountering great financial difficulties because of the high number of indigent parents. More time is spent on fundraising initiatives as opposed to learning.

The fundamentals of basic education is to inculcate into the child a culture of learning the basics in mathematics, reading and writing. Despite several years in school, many children still cannot read or write. The high rate of school drop outs are a great cause of concern. Reducing the pass rate and condone passes will never improve the literacy levels amongst our children. An education model that will be effective for South Africans is needed to bolster the literacy rate. Life Orientation and Physical education needs to be a compulsory at schools. The benefits of a sound education have proven to enhance a child’s personal growth and set them in the right direction in terms of their career path.


The DLC does not support the discriminatory quota system in tertiary institutions and will continue to champion the rights of all students. Tertiary education for disadvantaged students are paramount in terms of their career developments. Hopes and African dreams of students are shattered when they are turned away from tertiary institutions because of the discriminatory quota system and are forced to study abroad.

Students with the highest distinctions in Matric, are further discriminated when they are not accepted to study medicine at institutions because of the quota system. These students are forced to study abroad at their own costs and upon return to South Africa they are penalized and not appointed. The returning graduates are required to pass stringent board examinations to evaluate their foreign qualifications, before practicing medicine. The irony is that when the state sends students abroad for the medical scholarship program, they are not subjected to the same stringent board examinations. This is blatant discrimination at the highest level and must be stopped.

Government needs to prioritize tertiary education and build more Universities and TVET colleges to further enhance the tertiary education platforms. The administration of the NSFAS funding requires a total overhaul. The flaws within the screening processes needs to be reviewed. Greater care in the administration is required to ensure that the funding goes to the
“RIGHTFUL” students whom qualify in terms of its criteria as set out in respect of their parents’ income. An effective monitoring process must be adopted and implemented.


According to the Bill of Rights, Section 27 (1) (c) of the Constitution reads: “Everyone has the right to have access to social security, including, if they are unable to support themselves and their dependents, appropriate social assistance”. Social grants are key to the survival of many households. Currently Pensioners are getting a “RAW” deal in terms of their social grants. A social grant of a mere R1700.00 is literally an insult to pensioners for all the sacrifices they have made, in building a solid democratic platform for us in South Africa. A pensioner cannot survive on a meagre pension which is utilized to pay their electricity and water bills.

Studies have proven that the basic poverty line is R3500.00 hence the DLC will be advocating for a livable social grant of R3500.00 that is within the basic poverty line. Widows are also a forgotten sector whom have not been taken seriously by the government. A Widow’s Support Social grant must be considered for widows whom have not received any income and/or benefits from their late spouse estate. Municipalities must be directed to incorporate Widows into their Rates Rebate policies, hence recognizing and treating widows as equals.


People with disabilities must be incorporated into the, economic and social sectors. Whilst there are provisions within the Labour Relations Act and various other legislations, Government and the private sectors are not effectively implementing the provisions and rights of people with disabilities. The various sectors must be closely monitored to ensure that these people are not discriminated because of their disabilities.


The DLC acknowledges that the youth are the future leaders of our country, however in South Africa our youth are not taken seriously. According to a report by The Economist’s Pocket World in Figures, South Africa has the highest youth unemployment rate in the world. Youth empowerment within the social and economic platforms are necessary for a prosperous future in South Africa. Youth skills development, social and recreational programs need to be systematically implemented in every Province. The National Youth Development Agency must not just be a window dressing or serve the needs of a select few, but must vigorously work with empowerment and youth programs throughout the length and breadth of SA. A fully inclusive youth desk established in every Province must be the heartbeat that will initiate and direct programs of action against drugs, alcoholism, gangsterism and other social ills of society.


The LGBT community in South Africa faces high levels of discrimination and violence on a daily basis, despite having their rights enshrined the constitution. The DLC supports the RIGHTS OF THE LGBT and denounce any form of discrimination within the political, social and economic sectors of society. LGBT’S are citizens of South Africa and must be given the recognition they deserve within the various platforms of government and the private sectors.


The RAF Fuel Levy is currently at 193 cents per litre for the 2018/19 financial year. Government must revise the fuel levy taxation as this impacts on the poorest of the poor, whom rely solely on public transport. Commuters are already under heavy financial strain and any further increases will be detrimental to their pockets. The rising cost of fuel is primarily based on the high percentage that goes towards the fuel levy. Billions of rands raised through the fuel levy is not spent effectively. Administrative and transparent accountability is needed to monitor whether the funds are effectively and efficiently utilized.


The effects of global warming is clearly a reality and have badly affected South Africa with the increase of drought in most provinces. Climate change is worsened by the negative impacts of corporate “invasions” of open spaces for developments that degrades our natural environmental. The pollution of our rivers and streams with sewage and hazardous material.

It is paramount that the environment be protected at all costs. Much more needs to be done in order to protect the environment. The policies as stated in the various National environmental acts must be enforced to ensure that our environment is not sacrificed for capital gains. Global warming is a reality therefore is vital that South Africa takes a leading role in the World to reduce the risks of Global warming.


The DLC subscribes to good corporate governance that will enhance service delivery, create more jobs and infrastructure developments.


Members of parliament must be accessible in their constituencies. All DLC MP’s will be accountable, monitored and evaluated in terms of their performance. The DLC will not tolerate any non-performing member and/or public representatives.


The DLC have experienced, trustworthy members that will steer the communities’ VOICE into a positive dimension of improved legislation and service delivery. All DLC members will subscribe to its code of conduct and will promote social cohesion. Any member caught making racist statements will be expelled immediately and criminal charges will be laid against them accordingly. Today, Ladies and Gentlemen, I am humbled by your presence and your support. MAKE YOUR VOICE COUNT. IT IS YOUR RIGHT. By voting DLC you can be assured of a dynamic VOICE to represent you in Parliament. Come every elections, the ANC promises you housing, yet the housing delivery has dropped drastically since 1996. The DA came to you for your vote in all the elections, but sold your votes to the EFF in 2016 for power. These are some of the lies and propaganda of political parties during election time. Ladies and Gentle, you must beware of FAKE news and propaganda.

The DA, as always, using fear tactics into brainwashing the minds of people. Telling you that you are going to lose your business and property. These are lies to get your votes and then they will disappear after elections. The DLC will never allow anyone to take away your property. Our people are intelligent and have caught up with these lies of the DA. Our people know that no party can pull the
wool over their eyes. Today I call upon our ancestors to lead us into the future of South Africa. Never listen to any Party when they tell you, “Do not vote for Small Parties”. They are talking nonsense. It is you the voter who decides on the size of a Party. Remember, David and Goliath, Dawood and Julat and Lord Krishna and Arjun. In this year’s National elections, the DLC is the David who will reign victorious, because of you, the voters.

Thank you and God bless South Africa…